About AGO at Colorado State

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The History of Rho Chapter

In 2010, Alpha Gamma Omega at the University of Colorado was the only chapter outside of California and the fraternity was hoping to expand. The men of AGO settled on the beautiful Colorado State University campus as the location for the next colony. Jimmy “Sticks” Litle and Mike “Whip” Demmon came to Colorado State to make announcements about AGO at a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting. Eight members of the founding class were all in attendance and each of them were interested in the idea of starting a Christ-Centered fraternity.

The Rho chapter at Colorado State University received its official charter on January 16, 2011, and it has been changing the lives of young men on campus and serving God ever since. Alpha Gamma Omega is a part of the IFC community on Colorado State’s campus, encouraging men to be involved both spiritually and socially with the local community in Fort Collins. 

What is Alpha Gamma Omega?

Alpha Gamma Omega is a Christ-Centered fraternity with 6 purposes:

  1. To win others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
  2. To promote Christian fellowship
  3. To present Christian ideals in word and deed
  4. To search reverently for the truth
  5. To uphold the traditions and ideals of the university
  6. To deepen the spiritual lives of the members

It is a community of men with a common mind of sharing the gospel. With that unity of mind, we eagerly seek to grow true relationships on the foundation of our personal relationships with God. We desire to mature spiritually, excel in academics, and expand our connections through social events. We share this common belief in Jesus Christ and take pride in the fact that we will share this brotherhood in Heaven. Our motto, after all, is “Fraternity for Eternity”.

How to Join?

Join us for Rush each Fall and Spring semesters! 

Follow us on social media for more information, and to keep up with the brothers at Colorado State! Strong the ties!

Facebook: @AGOCSU

Instagram: @ago.csu